Open Thread/Practical Exercise: Getting Your People Stocked For Groceries/Other Goods On The Last Load


Your S-2 believes that a general world war will spring out of the Canadian revolt and the resulting CCP “humanitarian relief mission” now trying to work its way to Ottawa from Vancouver, disrupting most US food distribution in the next week for the foreseeable future.

As one of the senior volunteers in your team’s logistics shop, your commander has ordered you to assess needs/wants/resources on hand to support all personnel for all NATO supply classification groups 86, 87, and 89*. Other personnel will be doing the same exercise for other NATO supply groups.

Current souls in your organization include:

-27 adults (11 women, 16 men)

– 11 minors (6 boys, 5 girls)

– 2 nursing infants

– 3 dogs; 2 cats; 5-6 dairy cows

The commander wants to see your plan tomorrow at 0900E/1400Z; your resulting work product is due 24 hours later.


Use this scenario in real-time, with your “draft approach” to be posted here NLT 0900E tomorrow morning. There will be enough time to get feedback from participants and do an updated version by the time comments close tomorrow evening at 1736E.

*Applicable NATO Supply Classifications; source:

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  1. Not sorry. If you haven’t been stocking a nd preparing for a decade or longer by now,you’re almost flying way off the curve. Prepare to repel regardless.


  2. i have moar food than a person could eat in a lifetime..
    and moar water than the world could drink in a lifetime…

    cattle- check
    chickens- check
    pigs- check
    fish- check
    gardens- check
    abundant game-check
    unlimited firewood- check, check, and check

    other than the bone chilling brutal winters and a handful of scumbag losers who will be dealt with, this island is a splendid place to watch the global shit show devolve into a free-for-all of killing and death

    🙂 WINNING!

    tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t

    1. I think there’s way too much drama and political theatre going on, been listening to this shit for over 60 yrs, and most all of it is scripted, I’ve bought into it all too often myself. Yrs later you look back and think, what a dumbass I was to even listen to that media BS. Election after election we go thru the same motions and nothing changes except we get older and more tired, along with the fact there’s grifters everywhere trying to lighten our wallets since Y2K also.
      However, the jabbed will start dropping soon, time to make midnight raids on their pantries. And then decontaminate. 🙂
      Most of us have been stocked for yrs and know the routine, keep at it but don’t let your blood pressure go up every week over nonsense either.

      Good luck to all of you, stay safe and healthy.

  3. Put me in the GTG category. Will be doing a regular fresh veggie run this week. For those who always told me ” it can’t happen here” May the good Lord give you succor in your time of need and stay the %@#$ off my land.

      1. May the God of unlimited funding be with you…

        Freeze dried, Mountain House, etc., in particular is stratospheric versus just a couple years ago.
        It is still available, buy holy Cow.

        Speaking of cows, livestock- the weight in beef you’ll see from a cow is about 50% of hoof weight, maybe a little more with careful attention, but bear in mind you’ll need to store all immediately.
        It takes one 14cuft freezer to hold 400lbs in processed beef.
        Regarding the concept of having cattle as a prep, bear in mind each cow eats 200lbs in hay a week,
        and drinks up to 20 gallons a day in fresh water. If they’re on grass they’ll need acreage- ‘an acre and a half, per cow and a calf’ is the local saying… And that presumes good pasture.
        Add that to your purchase overhead.

        Staples are the best buy, and here is where to get them:
        Freeze dried or staples come in #10 cans, 6 per case. Shelf life for either is 25yrs or better, no refrigeration needed.

        And may the source be with you! lol

        1. I tried your link. It sorta doesn’t work. My browser returned an unverifiable data message:

          Secure Connection Failed

          An error occurred during a connection to PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR

          The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
          Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

  4. Sigh. It will happen when it happens. I was just in the CDA Costco 4 days ago: Plenty of canned and fresh food, veggies and paper products. Of course, my tribe did not need much because we’ve been always anticipating SHTF for quite a few years. And as far as the frolics in Canada are concerned, I have not seen one blip of reporting on the convoy and vaxx protests, except on alternative sites such as Breitbart and Infowars. That includes the Daily Fish Wrap here in Winterfell, which is controlled by the Commie-Libtard Hagadone Cabal. “A Free Press is equally free to print the truth or ignore it”(H/T to T.R. Fehrenbach).
    So bleib ubrig, my friends. Keep prepping, stay vigilant, and keep your eyes and ears open. The Marxist-Abortionist Party is still in the process of destroying itself. I am watching it happen here in my A/O. Our grinning idiot refugee-loving governor is on his way out, along with the corporate fascist whore who is the Speaker of the State Assembly. Next door in the Washington Soviet Socialist Republic, Commissar Inslee will not even permit you to have your teeth cleaned unless you show your vaxx card. Hey, they buttered their bread. Let them eat it.

    1. If you read WRSA yesterday, sub stack article by Lyons, winning elections doesn’t stop them from moving forward. Yeah, The Bee and The Reader are disguised as Mayberry RFD, but they peddle soft leftism.

    2. Living here in suburban Vancouverstan in lower South West Washington, I can attest to the fact that almost no one is enforcing Comrade Inslee’s Edicts for masks and Proof of Jab in almost every establishment I set foot in.
      There is a huge amount of BFYTW going on around here.
      As for supplies, I have been documenting the amount of empty shelves in the local Wally Worlds in my AO for a couple of months. There are 3 within 5 miles from me.
      It is indeed getting worse.

      1. Good to know, Phil. However, in Spokane Sacred Heart will not allow any procedures done on any patient who has not had the jab. The same is true with Providence. I do not know about the others yet. Stay tuned.

        1. That’s interesting-Providence in Montana is allowing electives for patients without the jab; they have to have a test though.
          I was at a hospital in MI last week and they were doing non-emergency endoscopy on patients who have COVID. Thought that was interesting.

    3. Dweezil, I hope your correct. I’m up here too just not as far as you. I got a bad feeling that the gov and speaker are both gonna win. The fields are flooded with Tommy’s, it’s the plan.
      Only been storing for a few years but making headway. Bit by bit.
      Keep up the good work.

  5. Under Ag supplies add a sub-category for “pest control”. Fencing (standard welded wire), fencing (electric), poultry wire, wire (barbed), pickets (metal/plastic), traps of various type/application, chemical pest control such as “sevin” dust, powdery mildew killer, etc. Larger pests such as deer, birds, coons and such you’ll want your security personnel to harvest. You do have security personnel looking over your plots, right? I would also add meds and pest control for your livestock.

  6. I’ll never have enough so I’ll keep praying that somewhere in this great land there are armed cells of real hard men—intelligent warriors—with plenty of training, skills, money, information, and firepower, to remove the cancer causing the coming die-off.

    And where can I donate? Seriously.

    We are armed and constitutionally protected. Yet we play defense. Why?

    They don’t deserve to be breathing the same air as free men.

    1. … and that right there is the problem.

      almost zero I see in the patriot and vet crowd even know whom the real enemy are. Near ZERO. I’ll spell it out for you smart guys … IT”S THE ENTIRE JEWISH COMMUNITY. Plus all the sellouts beholden to them and all who protect them. The EVIDENCE is overwhelming.

      Clear enough for you men ? Now go listen to someone like NC Scout as an example and tell me the man has an f’in clue. Can’t win a war if you don’t know who your enemy are. Yeah sure, it’s China. Ass hats who are taking a “leading role” in this game have zero clue. I don’t give a damn how much experience they have or training they offer or how well intended, Isn’t PID part of the program ? Apparently not. Guess this is the REAL meaning of “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

      THEN we have the problem of always being in the defensive mindset. People are going to read blogs, listen to podcasts, take training courses and prep themselves right into their graves. ANYTHING but go directly after the enemy. That’s all the Canadian trucker thing is. Distraction and buying time for the enemy.

      And yes, I do fully understand what guys like Scout are saying about seeding the population with skills & mindset… BUT IT ANI”T GONNA DO SHIT IF YOU KEEP TELLING EVERYONE TO GO AFTER THE WRONG ENEMY AND NOT THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE WHOLE THING.
      Do I really have to spell that out ?

      So the question becomes … do guys like this not know? Or are they distracting ? You decide. Either way, you loose. And if they don’t know ? Then STFU until you do. You’re doing far more harm than good.

      I listened to the last couple Sons Of Liberty Live and I gotta tell ya, it was complete bullshit China China & Russia Russia. How about Israel & the jews around the world there guys ?

      Put that in your pipe and smoke it because that’s the REAL bottom line truth.

      How many can handle it ? Obviously not many.

      I’ll be amazed if this comment gets posted. But it’s EXACTLY what needs to be said.

      1. “The entire Jewish community “ is too extreme and way too vague. Just don’t go there.

        But, Davos—who says they can’t be taken? Anyone assess their private army? Anyone watch The Dirty Dozen and think, “just maybe”?

        The problem is 10 guys sitting around the ranch with no intel, little money, and scant if any military op training aren’t going to come up with a head strike and knock out blow.

        If I could live my life again I’d have done a long stint in the Marines or in Rangers, then intelligence, and made rich conservative contacts. Do contract work, you know. Too late for me but I don’t see bold action happening except in the movies.

        So now we gotta become animals and learn survival skills in a short time, all because we don’t kill the beast outright.

        1. just don’t go there?

          Maybe I have one hell of a lot more experience than you do to say that.
          Ok, I’ll just ignore the 1000’s of in person experiences if it makes you feel better.
          You have ZERO idea what’s going on in the head of your local jewish deli owner while he smiles at you daily. ZERO. Learn what they’re about. Ask a few questions. They will trip themselves up if you do it correctly. You would be amazed at what they let out when you master doing this. Amazed.

          Don’t you dare tell me it’s not all of them.

          You had better dig deeper because your very life depends on it. It goes right down to the street level with these people and it took awhile for me to see and accept it as well. Do you even understand yet there’s a genetic reality to them ? THEY tell you this.

          Do you have any idea that over 80% of Biden’s administration are JEWISH ? It’s easy to confirm. They boast about it. And they are no where near the top of that chain of power. How do you explain that?

          The Bolshevik’s who genocided somewhere between 60-100 million Soviets were about 95% of the Soviet administration at the time. Do you see a pattern with the US today ? Guess what’s coming next ? History doesn’t repeat itself…… it’s MADE TO repeat itself. It works because of people like you who can’t handle this knowledge so why change what always works ?

          How do you explain what’s coming out of the mouths of street level Israelis ? Just watch the endless videos on the various sources like bitchute, rumble, wttube etc. Spend a week getting it right out of THEIR mouths and you tell me man. You think that’s just contained to that shit hole little country ? Smarten up.

          Like I said, most just can’t handle the truth that it ain’t just their elites.
          There’s a few on here that know exactly what I’m talking about. You could see it in the comments when all the posts had them. You don’t think they aren’t sick of you people not understanding this ? SemperFi, 0321 knows. WTF do you think he’s telling you in the post directly below ??

          Figure it out fast or perish. I’m just not impressed you’re taking me & mine down with you because of the fear of facing this. You had better go there or we’re finished for good this time.

          1. You are correct when you state that I don’t understand the Jew Thing from your POV. You are also correct to point out that a large number of Jews are at the forefront seeking the destruction of white, Western Civilization. But they are not alone.

            David Horowitz, ex-radical at Frontpage Magazine is Jewish. He’s not pushing for the Bad Jew agenda; he’s exposing it. Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report, Dennis Prager, Mark Levin, Andrew Breitbart (RIP), Ben Stein (staunch Nixon defender), Pamela Geller taking heat for exposing a real big threat to the West—Islam—and well armed American Jews ready to fight against the current tyranny certainly are not conniving goy haters. Why are these Jews and others like them fighting against their brethren instead of silently watching and letting them off the hook? Any high school kid can see this, but it’s real lazy to say “All ______ are the cause of this.”

            Have you taken inventory of the plethora of gentiles also on board with the tyranny? They ain’t Jews, so gentiles are filthy rags too, I suppose. Yet you don’t condemn gentiles, Italians, Irish, Germans and Brits.

            “A four-sided plane figure is a square.” True or false?

            False because there are rectangles, rhombuses, trapezoids, and squares as counter-examples. Thus, the statement is false.

            “In a plane, the sum of the measures of the angles of a triangle is 180*.

            True, because you cannot produce an example in plane geometry that disproves this.

            For a statement to be true it must always be true all of the time and no counter-example must be be found. If a counter-example can be found, the statement is false.

            I can handle the truth, but you can’t prove it.

      2. Some of us have been here a long time, beating the dead dog until we got tired of hearing it, but the masses here and elsewhere won’t wake up to who owns them, the brainwashing is too deep from their handlers. They still can’t make the Bolshevik name connection either.
        They’ll continue to listen to their media and whatever squirrel hunts are popular this week. And still ignore the real enemy in their living room.

    1. Hope you’re doing well.
      Amazing to see a bunch of Canadian truckers upstage the entire US 3per community, eh?

  7. Best first-step food storage prepping is to simply load up way more on what your family already eats every day, then have system to rotate it to keep it fresh.

    Also, whatever other foods you stock up on for emergencies (MRE’s, dehydrated, freeze dried, whole grains, etc.), be sure everybody gets very well used to eating them well beforehand any crisis.

    Last thing we ever want to do, when every bodies GI tract is already on edge about whatever crisis has got you all digging into those provisions, is to suddenly & radically change up everybody’s diet. That’s a formula for disaster.

  8. Issues with this is ALSO a need for ‘animal husbandry’ skillsets. I, despite my most awesome background in the DotMil, know -jack- and -shit- about Cows, pigs and well, outside of killin’ guttin’ and skinnin’ ’em, I’m Sierra Oscar Lima on the whole ‘keep ’em healthy and whole’ never mind rebreeding to keep the stock naturally replenishing.

    Also, ‘critical party needs’ missing for a full on grid-down-ho-down? Reloading supplies, even improvised (Sulphur, charcoal… you get me…). Primers, cases, lead, tooling?

    Ingredients and skill sets to manufacture Item 8965… sugar, yeast, basics ‘stuff’…. I lern’t to do it in Iraq, and good ‘Whytte Light’nin’ is worth it’s weight in gold literally and figuratively in a post-collapse situation. Medical and/or fuel, plus the ‘numbing’ plusses.

    I found ammo for a while in Iraq as an ‘unarmed contractor’ scarce.

    One of the things you want is a scrounger.
    Needs be. Thankfully that was one of my own hats as you know.
    Abandoned houses.
    Razor Wire
    Land Mines and Booby traps
    Learn the “lanes of fire” in your immediate A.O.
    Avenues of Approach and denial of cover.
    Range Cards much? I have a Full Set of my suburbistan, which includes where and how to booby trap the dead space. If you don’t know what dead space is, yer waaaay behind the power curve.

    Indirect fire. Learn how to home brew some mortars. They ain’t hard, been around since the Joe Chink invented black powder in the 9th to the 11th Century (this’s an argument point but, what-the-fuck-ever, they had fucking Rocket Artillery in the 13th Century). A sufficiently motivated asshole can and will learn how to make, build and utilize a 4 inch shell that can take out ‘troops in the open’

    Food For Thought

  9. “– 3 dogs; 2 cats; 5-6 dairy cows”

    For immediate action:

    * Unless the dogs are large breed sentry (g. shepard, pincher, etc) dispatched.
    * Cats retained if they show a ratting instinct, elsewise dispatched.
    * Cows should be reduced to 1 bull, 2 cows; balance dispatched or sold of to another team. Arrangements should be made with other compliant groups for a share of the proceeds.


    — Yapping lap dogs are useless another mouth to feed.
    — If you are maintaining grain stores, cats will keep down the mice/rat problem.
    — Dairy cows can produce a prodigious quantity of milk daily. In the provided scenario more product than the group needs.

  10. How about 500 head of cows 15 bulls,,and 4 milk cows,,,,,,about 1000 acres in potato’s, spud hangers full, entire lakes 12 ft below your feet, 150 solar panels on the place,,,,,,one way in, 12 ways out. Multiple Drones, 16 tractors excavators, maybe 1000 acres in hay. An additional above ground lake, full of fish.

    talopia fish growing ponds going in.

    Did I mention 10.000 gallons of diesel, and five thousand in gas. And many holes in the ground. A Solar panel farm within a mile, guessing 5000 panels. Two semi trailers full of freeze dried foods.
    86000 rounds and the iron to launch it. Fertilizers and diesel? Yup.

    How about 13500 pounds of dried hemp for medicine.

  11. OK so I’m late on the “draft approach”, that first plan open to critique by others. In the spirit of the exercise, I’ll continue. I’ll try hard to not blame the current mess on the Joos.

    First off, get yourself and your people to doing PT. Any resisters to this very kind guidance are not to be trusted.

    Next, send your people out with their personal credit cards with instructions to buy buy buy. The paying back of such incurred debt depends on the morals of those using the credit cards. An aside, you do not want thieves in your group, so this also something of a test.

    Go real easy on the buying of seeds or animals. You cannot learn gardening via internet cramming. Can’t cram on the learning of animal husbandry, either. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. The dismal results are bad for morale.

    Buy generators, portable types, and of the same brand and kw output. Then buy slaving cable kits so you can hook one generator to another. That may get you to the 220v threshold necessary to run a well pump. Water is a nice thing to have. As an alternative, make a tripod above your well, pull up the pump and wiring via horsepower, then use a well bucket and some sort of horsepower to pull water out of your well. So, consider buying a well bucket from Lehmann’s out of Ohio Amish country. Buckets hold about five gallons in a long cylinder.

    Buy fuel drums and fuel stabilizer, then buy gasoline to fill up the drums. Buy a hand pump and spin-on filters for it.

    Buy a couple year’s worth of vitamins. Buy a couple year’s worth of common boo-boo supplies. Buy big bottles of 1% injectable ivermectin and read up on the use of it on Do what is needed to lay in prescription meds for yourself for a year. Encourage others in the theoretical group to do the same.

    Send somebody to a TC3 class. Buy supplies to back that up.

    Send somebody to a class on using radios of all types in a denied environment. Buy whatever equipment you may find necessary.

    This will be a good start.

  12. My response to people who were in a food storage reddit for the first time and posting picture of what they purchased :

    Editing everything below as it comes to me:

    First I see lots of Costco Bags of rice. Kids let me tell you about the bugs that hatch out of those puppies. Took three months to get them outta my kitchen. Some food grade buckets and spin tops from Home Depot plus a little dry ice can prevent this. The Mormons have this figured out. Bottom of the page.

    What goes for rice also goes for other bulk grains. Beans/Lentils/peas not so much.

    Next up…looking at a lot of the prep pics many of you are not grabbing enough protein. Think canned meats and soups. Canned fish and other seafood even if its not your fave. Food boredom is a thing. Country Ham is also shelf stable. Many dry sausages in you local deli department are as well. Also learn about rabbit starvation

    Then…fiber. If you have never lived on a carb only diet (beans and rice) you are gonna need some. Whether it is a supplement or fresh / canned greens, you need it. Also when packing ones cart with pasta, throw in some whole wheat pasta.

    Flavor! Hot sauces, condiments, seasonings, broth, bullion. Soy and Worcester are a must.

    Fruits…there are many of these available in cans. Also many pears / apples will hold for a great while.

    Fats. Ghee, lard, coconut oil, palm oil, avocado oil,(you can freeze butter) a little variety helps. If you plan on storing more olive oil than you will use right now, then get it in metal cans. Stays unrancid much longer this way. This is counter intuitive to most Americans but go back 200 years and fats were hard to come by.

    If i think of others i’ll add.

    Disinfection: Simple Green Pro D3 you can get instore at Home Depot.

    The better choice is this:

    Also if you are trying to purify water…skip the bleach. Buy a few packets of cheap pool shock and google the ratios. It goes a long way.

    Other Good Storage Foods:

    Idahoan Potatoes. Sealed in mylar. I just used a pack last night with a sell by date of 2010. Still Perfect.

    Canned Queso. IF you have never been without cheese for a month…well its damn delicious.

    Velveeta is shelf stable.

    Any cheese that is dipped in wax will keep nearly forever in the fridge.

    The Vigo and Mahatma Rice packets. Once again Mylar packaging holds up.

    Kids squeeze tube yogurts. Store em in the freezer. Instant kinda ice cream.

    Jello and Pudding.

    Big Blocks of Wrights or Costco bacon come out of the deep-freeze unscathed. Also KEEP YOUR BACON GREASE! Nothing makes canned green beans better. And a fried egg made in bacon grease is where its at.

    IF you have a source for eggs from locals….water-glassing makes them store for years at room temp:

    The Canned foods that you didn’t think of:



    All the kinds of chilis in the mexican food area. Salsa.


    Corned Beef.

    Bulk popcorn. Not the microwave kind. Butter+skillet+lid = All the popcorn.

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