Open Thread/Practical Exercise: Getting Your People Stocked For Groceries/Other Goods On The Last Load


Your S-2 believes that a general world war will spring out of the Canadian revolt and the resulting CCP “humanitarian relief mission” now trying to work its way to Ottawa from Vancouver, disrupting most US food distribution in the next week for the foreseeable future.

As one of the senior volunteers in your team’s logistics shop, your commander has ordered you to assess needs/wants/resources on hand to support all personnel for all NATO supply classification groups 86, 87, and 89*. Other personnel will be doing the same exercise for other NATO supply groups.

Current souls in your organization include:

-27 adults (11 women, 16 men)

– 11 minors (6 boys, 5 girls)

– 2 nursing infants

– 3 dogs; 2 cats; 5-6 dairy cows

The commander wants to see your plan tomorrow at 0900E/1400Z; your resulting work product is due 24 hours later.


Use this scenario in real-time, with your “draft approach” to be posted here NLT 0900E tomorrow morning. There will be enough time to get feedback from participants and do an updated version by the time comments close tomorrow evening at 1736E.

*Applicable NATO Supply Classifications; source: