It Will Get Worse: The EARN IT Act

Kudos to Fran and Linda at Liberty’s Torch for these important posts:

Do take the time to read both pieces, but for now, just skim this EFF briefer:, with this excerpt as an appetizer:

Ain’t that sweet?

After the obligatory “pedos need to be one-way Morbark passengers” PSA and sincere thanks to the LT crew for the issue spot, there is another larger topic to be considered here.

This legislation is NOT about pedos.

This legislation is about delegating real-time and searchable surveillance of every single one-and-zero sent over the Internet to “private companies” for use as the Deep State sees fit, including but not limited to eliminating (in multiple senses of that word) the now DeathVaxxResistance-boosted Deplorables.

Remember this piece of art from the W Bush era?

How about this beauty?

ACLU briefer:

To be blunt, whatever the hell the G and its buddies-in-tyranny around the world were doing twenty-some years ago, you can bet your ass that ALL of them are doing one helluva lot more of it now, especially after the events of the last five years.

Time to add new aspects to your exercise and defense of freedom.

Time to think like those chaps who most recently defeated the US .mil and .gov.

Time to start changing your profile, in every sense except maybe your nose.

Time to think of yourself as a despised dissident far behind the Silicon Curtain, who must combine non-digital tradecraft with discipline to stay in the fight.

Much more to come, but start here to refresh yourself on the hazards:; but see also BCE’s take here in the last section of his post: