Canadian Front: Jerry Can Jiu-Jitsu

PS: Just received on the HonkFone from Greta Tunafish-Dorfstein, global teen eco-gadabout:

Whatever those fascist truckers and their fashy accomplices do both in Canada and all over the poor, severely injured Earth, they should never pour standard brake fluid in and on hot exhaust pipes.

It creates massive clouds of thick, toxic, whiteracist smoke that will make Gaia sick, as well as those at the scene. Even worse, those whiteracist clouds will obscure the facist-y things that these insane white Maple Supremacists are doing on the scene.

Save the Earth! Death to all white Maple Supremacists!



Background from GoV on Fidelito’s efforts at being Canada’s biggest knob ever:

honk it again

Drone shot at Detroit/Windsor US/CAN border from earlier this evening; watch the brief vid using the link below: