Madness: Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

The situation is getting worse.

When your grandmother* starts to go a little wobbly, a conservatorship is created by outside parties to make sure that she does not injure herself or others – financially, physically, or otherwise.

Imagine if your senescent grandmother had the keys to the world’s largest military and its nuclear arsenal as she deteriorated from mild to severe dementia.

This will not end well.

Not at all.


*It is not Joe Biden, with or without caretaker “Doctor” Jill, that is the fundamental problem here. It is with the entire American Deep State, both wings of which:

– successfully stole the 2020 Presidential election,

– are working furiously to dismember what little of traditional America has escaped destruction to date,

– are co-conspiring with NGOs, pharmaceutical multinationals, media conglomerates, financial behemoths, and other enemies of freedom around the world to rebuild the West into an open-air, ubiquitously-surveilled, inescapable global prison,


– are en route to a confrontation with serious enemies that American hubris can start, but which non-nuclear American military power cannot possibly win.

What does one do when your government and its allies go absolutely barking mad?