GoV: A Boot In The Face Forever – Or Not?

Perhaps here in the former USA as well as Europe.

But perhaps not.

Or more properly, the demon is most certainly in both places, but his final standing – victor or vanquished – is yet to be determined.

Earlier today, the state of Georgia became the 25th American state to remove any form of handgun license requirement for Georgians who otherwise can legally possess firearms.

That means that every day in each of those 25 American states, the servants of tyranny will have to assume that some significant portion of the “civilian” population is both armed and trained at least as well as the average policeman.

So too every politician and bureaucrat in each of those states.

And in another relatively recent post, the Baron was kind enough to bring back a voice from the grave on just what can be done with a handgun:

L’audace, mes amis – l’audace!

Once you know that the government stooges intend to inject, imprison, starve, and eventually kill you and your family as part of the Great Reset, then make them each pay for their bloodthirsty allegiance to Evil.

No matter what weapon, adequate or not, you have at your disposal.

No matter your enemies’ titles, costumes, or alibis.

For the NWO jackboots, their masters, and their bureaucrats:

No prisoners.