Grenadier1: Teach The Young Ones Now

The last few months I have seen many comments on platforms and even had several face to face conversations with young people that caused me to contemplate why we are attacking each other so viciously along generational lines. Individuals and groups that should be rallying together are instead distracted by placing blame for all that has befallen us on each other. In short, Boomers to Zoomers appear to be more interested in painting wide swaths of age demographics with a broad brush of blame, rather than working jointly towards survival, followed by victory.

That’s why I wrote into a recent episode of WRSA Radio a segment to address this problem, and CA asked me to translate the episode into an article for the Mothership.

I have been reading a book by Joseph Farrell called “The Philosophers Stone” and it’s about Alchemy and research into exotic matter. Fascinating book on many levels BTW, but at any rate it brings up some fundamental aspects of Alchemy.

Alchemy, if you do not know, is commonly known as a medieval science that dealt with the transformation of base metals into gold. As with all things Esoteric, it was far much more than that but it was also a metaphor for the transformation of the person themselves from a base or animal nature into a better and more pure form. It was at its core about transformation and refinement.

The process of that refinement was through fire and pressure. It is only through this heat and dynamic process that impurities are stripped away and transformation is possible.

So I thought – in the season where we observe the transformation of one man 2000 years ago into a more refined and pure spirit – that we should look at how this Alchemy applies to us today.

As I mentioned, I have seen comments and had conversations with young people over the last few months. Sadly, my conclusion is that we have failed to prepare them for the human condition. Far too many of these young people believe that life is to be without struggle. When they reach adulthood, they should arrive to total success and be able to instantly reap the rewards of a lifetime of work and achievement. I see it time and time again when they speak about having to face such hardships, and the inability to live and have what society tells them they should have.

This is false on so many levels. I am not going to use the generational terms that get thrown around too easily here. I am just going to stick with Young people and Older people. I count myself as an Older person BTW.

Let me address the Young people first here.

Nothing worth having comes for free and without struggle. You will appreciate it far more when you work hard for it. Through that personal alchemy of heat and pressure, you will come out on the other side with not only the knowledge but the wisdom that struggle gives you. I recognize that Older people have not always done the right things. In many ways, you are feeling the effects of the Globalists the most because your money buys less and less. However, you are not in a vacuum and you are not the only ones to ever have to struggle, to face stress, and to overcome pressure to succeed. You are just the latest generation in a long line of human history to be faced with the problems of contemporary life. I have to imagine that the kids of the first humans who built a hut for shelter were complaining about why they had to gather materials when their grandparents just had caves handed to them.

I know that you feel like the Older generations shorted you and screwed you out of what you believe to be your birthright, which apparently is cheap education and healthcare. I think you are wrong about the birthright part of that, but I can understand why you would think that you were being screwed. You will be the first generation in over 100 years that will likely have less than your parents. It sucks and we likely could have done better by you – but that assumes something that was not the case. I will get to that in a few minutes.

It’s not all your fault, so don’t take my criticism too harshly.

Now for the Older folks.

The next time you spend time with your families. I want you to look around at those youngsters and take some time to give them some words of wisdom. Don’t make them condescending or bitter sounding. This is not the time for that. Give them some positive words, even if you are the most cynical and jaded about the future as ever. Put that aside and give them something that gives them some hope. Tell them something that is good about them and their generation. I can’t give you specifics here as you have to know your people – but just make it good.

We have failed to prepare the large part of our youth for what they are facing. It is on us to fix that as soon as we can. You can start with just a few words, but what you SHOULD be doing is teaching them some skills that they do not have that will help them in the short term. Something that they can benefit from will go much further than telling them how their generation screwed up something that you had better. Stop holding on to your knowledge and hording it. Give it away to these young people freely because you are buying your future with it.

You don’t know when the collapse will happen, but when it does your body is not going to be capable of doing the things you did when you were younger. Your value will be measured in how much knowledge you have and your willingness to pass that on to people who still have the physical capability to use it. Call it an appeal to the selfishness that you get accused of all the time, but look at this from the standpoint of self preservation. If you are nothing more than a useless eater when your benefits stop coming in from Uncle Sugar, then your new 4Chan Warlord is going to look at how much biomass you can contribute to the solid waste reactor.

The transformation that we have to make is one from Selfish to Selfless. No one that you interact with on a daily basis is really at the root of this problem. This began way back in our history, at least as far back as 1913 with the calamity that is the Federal Reserve, but likely even far further back than that. The fault that does lie with all of us is that we accepted the idea that we could do nothing to stop what is happening to us and that the only way through it was to either ignore it or to fully invest in it. That’s ALL our fault.

We all, young and old, have done this to one another. Generation after generation has continued to do this to one another because we have been deceived and mislead. We have been lied to and held in thrall by the glamor of the elite. We were presented with a false idea of success, a conversion from one system of measure to another if you will. Our traditional ideal has been usurped and distorted into the vision of Globohomo. Our future depends on us awakening from this glamor and freeing ourselves from this enthrallment.

It is incumbent on each of us us to recognize that we are in serious trouble and that the only one looking out for us is us.

We must work together – for if we do not, then we will surely die apart.