LARPer? Or Warrior?

From Wes at NC Renegade:

I want to give a shout out to everyone here today at The Battle for the Republic LARP.

A LARP, L-A-R-P is short for “Live Action Role Playing.” A LARP is a game. In this game, the participants portray fictional characters by the way they dress and the things they say as they interact in a real-world environment. However, the outcome of the game has been predetermined by the game rules and player consensus. It is ultimately the Gamemasters who decide the setting, determine the rules, facilitate the play, and declare the winner.

Whether we realize it or not, this is the scenario in which we find ourselves. The Game-Masters have established Rules which apply only to Our Side so that the predetermined outcome is that we can Never Win! We are players in a rigged LARPing charade.

In contrast, whenever grotesque Drag Queens groom children under the guise of merely reading a book or putting on a “family friendly show,” THEY are NOT “LARPing.” They are nurturing a sick fetish which requires child sacrifice.

Whenever Marxist BLM supporters burn down cities under the guise of protesting social injustice, THEY are NOT “LARPing.” They are savoring the indulgence of their wicked souls as they burn down our history and fundamentally transform our future.

Whenever black clad Antifa commit domestic terrorism under the guise of fighting fascism, THEY are NOT “LARPing.” They are delighting in the death and destruction of our civilization while they dance in its ashes.

Whenever Fauci, the CDC, the WHO, and various other white coated “Experts” demand we follow their false ScIeNcE and destroy our God given Rights under the guise of saving lives, THEY are NOT “LARPing.” They are intoxicated by their indulgence in Satan’s first temptation, “Ye shall be as gods.”

Whenever Democrat politicians and their token opposition who call themselves Republicans create unconstitutional laws and push us ever further into the abyss of tyranny under the guise of “Democracy,” THEY are NOT “LARPing.” They are relishing the power to destroy our lives at their whim.

These groups are NOT LARPers. They are Warriors dedicated to the destruction of all that is good in a vain effort to establish a hell on earth they call Utopia. These people do not play our games. Their bloodlust is not satisfied with our compromises. They despise our God-given Rights and are hell-bent on their eradication. They do not hesitate to use every means at their disposal because a Warrior’s only goal is to WIN. Our decency and winsomeness and commitment to playing by nonexistent rules are fuel to their demonic fire.

But when we gather here today to say we are going to Battle these evils to save our Republic, we ARE LARPing – and the REAL Power knows it. That’s the only reason this meeting is even allowed to happen. If it had any real power, any real potential to “battle,” all of us here would be languishing in the dungeons with the forgotten heroes of January 6th.

It is past time to face reality. We are LARPers. This rally is a fictional game. It is comprised of various role players.

We have the “political activists” who NEVER get anything activated – and quickly denounce and distance themselves from anything that would cost them their next speaking gig.

We have the Conservative politicians who will never do anything to bite the hand of their corporate owners, their “donors” or suicide their political ambitions. They make bold campaign promises but then fail to follow through because “their hands are tied” and we their constituents “do not understand how things work in politics.”

We have the “historians” who fill us with the inspiring stories of true Warrior patriots of the past while avoiding the awful truth: we are NOT worthy of their valiant efforts because we are not willing to make the same noble efforts up to and including the sacrifice of our very lives to destroy – in every sense of the word – our enemies as they did.

We have veterans, myself included, who served a phantom America that has not existed in reality for decades. We are still bound by an oath to TAKE UP ARMS against ALL Enemies BOTH Foreign and Domestic. However, because our Domestic Enemies look like us rather than goose-stepping Nazis marching through our congressional halls, school rooms and neighborhoods, we stand aside awaiting orders that will never come.

Then we have the mass of participants in this LARPing charade. Those who stand on the sidelines because of cluelessness or unpreparedness. Where there is no Vision, the people perish, and our people have NO Vision because they cannot see through the LARPers to the Game-Masters who are directing this diversion and they cannot devise a winning game plan because they do not have the foresight and fortitude for what it will take to truly reestablish our Republic.

I love America. I love the country I grew up in. I love what our country was founded upon.

But the America I see today is in total moral collapse. Our country has become a woke cesspool of third world ghettos, full of drug addicts, insane feminist, and neutered soyboys. America it seems has become the greatest force for evil on this planet. You can’t vote your way out of evil. Evil must be confronted and destroyed. America has been in moral decay for decades now. We’ve done nothing but tolerate it. America has turned its back on its founding. We have discarded our Judeo-Christian founding for “do whatever makes you feel good evil.” Our “government” no longer represents us and has long since threw out the Rule of Law. You can see the double standard everywhere you look. The lady of justice is no longer blind and serves only the powers that be. Look no further than the January 6th political prisoners for this evidence.

We deserve what is fast approaching. The America we grew up in has long been dead. I don’t want to save our country. It needs to all come down and we need to rebuild it. Evil must be eliminated. Voting will not eliminate the great evil we are faced with.

We know who we are. It is our time to stand against this darkness, this evil. It is why we were born. It is why we are here now. It is time for us to be the warriors we have trained to be, that we know we are. It is time to quit sitting idly by and watching evil gain ground while the world burns.

We all have a decision to make. Either we stand and fight, or we purely and simply deserve everything that is heading our way.

Right now we are willingly lining up to get in those boxcars. All of us. We are all capable of fighting and all we are doing is talking and grumbling. Granted we might be at the back of the line, but we are still in line and that line is moving.

This isn’t someone else’s war, it’s our war, no one is coming to save us. It is all up to us. I personally have exhausted all peaceful means. I have tried to work within the system and do the right things to no avail. Not everyone will be fighters, I understand that, but I will not participate in this “voting” farce that so many seem to think can get us out this mess come fall. For those of you who have been sharpening your swords and don’t know what time it is, I can’t show you the clock.

It is up to us to secure freedom for the future generations. There is nowhere left to run to. It is time to stand against tyranny.

I apologize if my words here come across as harsh. But the truth often is harsh. It is past time to put up or shut up. And if we were even halfway serious about putting up, our so called “Government” would have shut us up by now. We need to quit having rallies on the deck of the Titanic and quit trying to convince ourselves that even “God himself can’t sink this ship.”

So, are you a LARPer? Or are you a Warrior?

Ask yourself this? How accepting have you been on these few examples.

  1. We have accepted a fraudulent pResident and Vice-pResident.
  2. We have accepted proven voter fraud in KY, Ga, Arizona, Pennsylvania, California even NC which Cooper stole.
  3. Most of us have allowed our children to be indoctrinated in the Public School System. Home School your children. (Shout out to Larry Pittman for his work against Common Core.)
  4. We have accepted illegal aliens in NC
  5. We have accepted the elimination of our borders.
  6. Economic collapse to advance their one world agenda is on our doorstep. How do yall like the price of gas and food now?

How do you feel about your childrens future? Can you honestly look in the mirror and face the consequences of our continued inaction?

Our Forefathers were NO LARPers. They were WARRIORS. Because of this they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to sign their name to a Declaration of Independence that called out the Game-Masters of their time and affirmed their unwillingness to continue to play the game.

I’ve been all over the country, at Conservative events, on Conservative radio shows, on Conservative media to share this New Declaration of Independence for our times. I’ve been harassed on Conservative media for being so “reckless.” I’ve actually been confronted by the FBI at my own home for daring to say what HAS to be said. They are probably in attendance here tonight. Shame on them, you should repent of your evil deeds and join us in this fight against evil and tyranny. I find this document makes my audience uncomfortable because it confronts them with the sad fact that they are LARPers and not Warriors. I’m going to read it now so that you can decide are you a LARPer? Or a Warrior?