Friday Edition

From Josef Bosch on Gab

Politically, best case scenario, some people who don’t hate our people as much as the other option ostensibly gain control of the government.
For funsies, let’s say it’s a clean sweep… majority of governorships, House, Senate, Presidency.
Demographically, nothing’s changed… your children are now an absolutely minority in the nation, the bureaucracy is intact, higher education carries on as-is, the press operates as it always has, status quo is preserved at every financial institution, zero turnover among military leadership, and the culture’s tastemakers continue to chip away at every value you hold dear.
So, what’s REALLY been achieved here? What does TOTAL POLITICAL VICTORY change in the short term OR the long term?
Your country is gone… your people are all that you have now.
Admitting as much is the first step to a new life.
Gather as many good White people around you as humanly possible and begin building and sacrificing and struggling and insulating and preserving and hoping and loving and laughing and singing and writing and dreaming and exploring and fighting and growing and and and…
You and I are pioneers now… we’re going to have to carve out a place for our people in this most-hostile-of-all-environments.
And we can’t do that while reminiscing about the places we left behind, about how it could’ve been, how it should’ve been, about what was lost.
We have to keep our eyes on the future now.