The illegitimate Federal government that is waging a full spectrum soft war on We the People from the foreign nation of Washington, D.C. has a senile diaper shitting ice cream eating pedo criminal puppet installed as POTUS, a low IQ hooker as his VP, a middling lawyer that is subverting what is left of the law of the land as Attorney General, a warmongering fool as Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, and so on and so forth. Basically, the Intelligence Industrial Complex that is an asset of the One World Government has staffed the American “government” with compromised villains, half-wits and cretins. This charivari of Dr. Strangelovian State clowns actually believe that a nuclear war is somehow winnable, more at that PSYOP-WW3 could be the perfect pivot from PSYOP-19 and the “pandemic” given that the country is insolvent, the global financial system is doomed, the debt supercycle is kaput, the mass bioterror slow kill depopulation is accelerating, and Western nations are collapsing in realtime. All by design. And with each passing day the various narratives are being exposed as lies such that a coverup of epic proportions is needed by the very technocrats vying to take over a world that they are actively destroying.