GoV: Fear Itself

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Since the FUSA/RUS proxy war escalated in earnest last February, the world has been at greater risk of a large-scale nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis 60 years before. Coming hard on the heels of an engineered global bioweapons attack (both the bug itself and its deadly vaxx companions) and a series of unprecedented voting fraud campaigns across American electoral politics, I am comfortable composing from a “things are really bad” [TARB] perspective.

Good news?

  1. The TARB posts at WRSA are generally designed to inspire two action-initiating reactions: “this is real, despite its absence from mainstream media” and “I need to continue preparations to maximize my chances – and those of my loved ones – against this threat”.
  2. Many WRSA readers miss the opportunity to comment on posts and otherwise exchange reactions with their fellow freethinkers. Their comments are behind the creation of a WRSA-affiliated group at, which itself is a useful element in anyone’s information sweep. Drop a note there to @WRSA if you wish.
  3. Most importantly: it is FAR easier than ever before to gather multiple alt-info perspectives, updated multiple times per day, thanks to the good folks who run these aggregators:

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