Saturday Edition (With Guest Host Carrot Top’s Unacknowledged Love Child)

Wilder: We Already Know The Solutions

Condition SPORKY (Shit Pants Or Roof Korean Yolo) is dead ahead and closing.

There is no voting yourself out of techno-totalitarianism.

You know that.

You just haven’t accepted it yet.

Listen to Lt. Speirs until you understand:

The totalitarians want you and your family to be amongst the 7.5 billion humans they plan to kill – so that they can live as gods on the blood-soaked Earth.

Their rules?

By any means necessary.

by any means 432x429

They called the game, they are on the field, they are kicking ass, and they will not stop.

Remember that as they come to poison your children – again.

Murder you.

And destroy your world.

They called the game and the rules.

Remember Lt. Speirs.

LT speirs

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