The Crisis Is Here

Wordy, but useful perhaps for the Normies in your circle who are shrugging their shoulders and asking what should be done.

It’s why the Babylon Bee article further down today’s posts is so damning.

Most decent Americans, including the author of the linked article, do not yet understand that if/when Trump’s legal remedies do not prevail over the Reds’ efforts, the America of your youth has been conquered in full by the Communists.

Read that paragraph again.

One man.

One vote.


Especially if the outsiders and Red sympathizers can steal the two Senate races in Georgia.

Those same decent Americans are thinking along the same lines as the author when he says:

For what it’s worth, I don’t foresee an armed battle erupting over the 2020 election, per se. That’s partly because there’s no obvious way to organize one. Unlike the situation of the Civil War, there’s no territorial division to make options plain.

Classic failure-of-imagination stuff.

The Reds have a plan, and it goes like this:

1) Seize the reins of legislative, judicial, administrative, executive, and media power by any means necessary.

2) Collapse the economy so that all become wards of the State.

3) Smash down any objectors through violence from Antifa, BLM, and other agents, while deploying social/financial shunning against family members and allies.

4) Eliminate enemies of the State based on intelligence files assembled over the past decade or more.

5) Plunder for personal gain all that can be stolen from the remnants of the former USA.

Interestingly enough, trad Americans can address each of those points if they have the courage.

– Government officials can be taught to physically fear their political enemies, be those officials at work or at home.

– Survival-level economic activity can shift to the “black market” model a la these articles:

– Open season under varmint rules on all Red sympathizers.

– Accountability files and actions taken thereon.

But to defeat Communism in America, people are going to have to understand that their old lives are over.

And that they are faced with only two stark choices:


Or death.

Let’s win.

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