From A Reader: War On Truth

 Splendid interview with two practicing physicians that exposes the political machinations and subsequent corruption of science; to such an extent that two of the world’s premiere medical journals (The Lancet and JAMA!) had to print retractions of previously published articles that violated their own guidelines for scientific integrity….not to mention the many thousands who died needlessly as a result.


I’ve said it before and it bears repeating – we are fighting a war on truth. The provably false narratives that have been flying around about the virus – masks, HCQ, distancing, quarantining the healthy, blah – is but one front; we are facing the same war on multiple fronts…and the populace at large has been so stupified by media outlets, and social media in particular, it defies belief, it really does.

I don’t wear a mask for the same reason I don’t carry a rabbit’s foot – it’s superstitious nonsense. You want to carry a rabbit’s foot around, fine. But we’re going to have a very serious problem if you tell me I have to believe that crap.

The one redeeming feature of a mask is that it provides an excellent visual indicator on who’s thinking, and who’s not.

One of the physicians in this interview, on a previous occasion, described the mask inadequacy thusly: stopping a viral particle with a cloth bandanna (or N95 mask I would add) is like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain link fence. Well put.