Sunday Morning, 6/14/2020

When the MLK formula of “not color of skin, but content of character” dies, so too dies any chance of reconciliation.

With the death of reconciliation between peoples as a possibility, all that remains is domination and submission.

Domination by any means necessary to produce submission of others is a functional definition of slavery.

It is also a functional definition of war.

Not “war” of the post-WW2 multinational coalition variety, ostensibly to achieve limited political goals, allegedly in support of fundamental human rights.

Not “war” of Augustinian theological parsing, either.

The governments and elites of the West, both secular and spiritual, have allied with each other not to serve their citizens in enjoying life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but instead to bring a particular group of those citizens from their minority status into permanent majority power, supposedly as restitution for wrongs historically committed both by blacks and whites during the transatlantic slave trade era.

Whites who truthfully and factually assert that neither they nor their ancestors had not one iota of involvement in human trafficking and enslavement will nonetheless be subject to the lashstrokes of social shaming, ostracism, and job loss.

You will be ordered to bend the knee to this dogma of white crimes against humanity, and to recite its creeds as your own lest you be permanently judged as a racist.

You will be ordered to affirm the daily truths aloud as a demonstration of your goodthink.

Silence is violence, sayeth the New Overlords.

Your life before current events is over.

You are already at war for your people and your way of life.

Embrace your new status as a hated criminal.

Accept your fate.

Stand, if even as the last of Western Civilization, and defy the Destroyers.

Let your struggle and your death serve Good.


Elementary Tradecraft – Part I

As you begin to accept your new identity as either the Hated-Holder-Of-The-Old-Ways-Soon-To-Be-Gulaged-Then-Killed or Freedom Fighter Without Portfolio, every one of us needs to step up their game.

  1. If you wouldn’t be carrying an FBI agent in your pocket, either as part of your daily routine or when going to a meeting, why in the hell are you carrying the Globohomo world government’s listening/tracking device?

In addition to the wisdom contained in the classic “Moscow Rules” above, start practicing these basic concepts:


Repeat 3x each, twice a day.

2. With your like-minded friends, establish in meatspace (without the damned cellphones) meeting places and names for same that are simple to remember. That way, future meetings (without the damned cellphones) can be arranged with a terse message such as “Bravo 1500” to indicate that you should both go to the Bravo location at 3 pm to discuss something important (without the damned cellphones).

3. Get your mind right. In the cold, dark evening of your soul, decide once and for all whether or not you are up for the tasks that are rapidly approaching. Remember that the good-guy essentials come down to shooter, support for shooter, and non-combatant. So tell yourself the no-shit truth as to which role you will play and plan accordingly.

4. At least 50% of your family and friends pose serious and continuing threats to your existence once things go SPORKY. Actually, it’s probably 90%+ if you define “threat” as “someone who knows more about me and my intentions than they need to know”. Plan accordingly, and if you are doing dumb shit, stop it.

5. Why don’t you have one of these 8-round snake pistols already, along with at least 1,000 rounds of high-quality ammo for it?

.22LR or .22 Magnum, those 8 rounds can be very useful in the Upcoming Test Of Wills, especially given every revolver’s retention of forensic evidence.

And they have proven to be effective over the years.

“What do you mean it was just a .22LR?” – RFK, 6/5/68