First off, fuck WordPress – and thanks be to them for forcing me to get serious.

We’re in the process of rebooting.

This place will be a work in progress.

Not sure how much of the old shop will be salvageable.

At REDFOR’s current op tempo, we had better keep most of our folks looking 360 for real-time threats.

Thank you for your kind words and offers, thank you for your readership, and thank you for your continuing support of WRSA.

Spread the word, please.

New URL is


Reboot Cycle #1

1955E 2JUN2020

That Would Be Called An “Indicator”

One of the early goals of all Red revolutions is the seizure or destruction of all information distribution outlets.

There is only one truth to the Communist: that day’s party line.

Woe unto those who do not adhere.

The second iteration of the Western Rifle Shooters Association (WRSA) blog, hosted by WordPress, was nuked today.

While it is a loss, it was a deliberate sacrifice of a player to increase situational awareness.

The Reds are on the move.

The prize is the former United States of America.

The Red cares not about race, except to the extent it can and is used to befog the naive about the Party’s real goals.

WRSA was, first and always, a freedom advocacy site.

It was shot out of the saddle today by an arm of the Communist enemy propaganda machine.

Their attack did not kill WRSA.

Nor did it kill a single one of its followers.

The totalitarian bastards really can’t stop the signal.

Take heart, not just in this tiny skirmish but in the overall struggle to save the West, from WRSA’s final masthead:

“This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year unless by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigour, we arise again and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time.”― Winston Churchill


Reboot Cycle #2

0830E 3JUN2020

So What Now?

First off, let’s focus on what is really important.

If you and your family are not in an area that is physically safe — both right now and as the Communists continue to press home their multiple advantages, you need to fix that.

Even if you and yours are safe, you still likely don’t have enough:
– water
– food
– ammo for rifle/pistol/shotgun
– medical gear
– prescription meds
– back-up battery power
– fuel
– lubricants, and
– hard-hearted trained allies.

I too need to make that job #1.

Job #2 is upping your intelligence game. Cannot emphasize that point enough, and also cannot overstate the value of training available at the Culper shop:

The American Partisan team is another important info node you must incorporate into your scan; go there now at for great content such as


The final task is the most important:

Harden your hearts.

Strengthen your bodies.

Toughen your minds.

What you see now will get much worse.


Reboot Cycle #3

0615E 4JUN2020


The reaction and support since the blog-nuke has been a bit overwhelming. Thanks to everybody who is offering support; your good wishes mean more than I can say. There is a recovery and reboot effort underway; more as we know more.

Today, let’s talk for a moment about the summer of 2020 and using it well.

Long-time readers know the first picture below.

From what little I know about it, it originated from a tactical trainer. It is damned near perfect.

Now contemplate the current scene.

Compare what you may be facing – even tonight – in your neighborhood versus your current level of no-shit tactical training.

Understand that you soon may well lose access to any kind of firearms training due to enemy legislative action.

Time is flying in the already-underway North American Red conquest of formerly-free men and women.

The Communists are in deadly earnest, as are their action wings on both sides of the color bar.

You damned well better be just as deadly and just as earnest.

Get you and yours trained to use your AR-15 or AK-47 as quickly as you can.

Note that I am emphasizing rifles here, not pistols; you should plan on being able to kill Communists out to 300 yards and beyond. Your sidearm will be discussed in another post.

Some trainer suggestions and calendars are here; other links should go into comments:

Note well the lessons in both illustrations below.

And accept that you will need every single advantage you can get.


Reboot Cycle #4

0915E 4JUN2020


My working assumption is that the FUSA is in the early stages of destruction a la Yugoslavia 30 years ago. May I be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

For those not familiar with that parade of horrors, here are a few references:

An acquaintance of mine described it this way:

“People have no idea how quickly things can change. One day, I am living in a beautiful European city, famous for hundreds of years for its history and hospitality. I am making ~$6000USD/month, surrounded by beautiful women – the Northern European flight attendants would come there to get sun and vacation. A month later, there is no food, no money, no water, and everybody is killing each other. You have no idea.”

The Reds are serious.

Normal Americans are not.


If they do in fact retain the ability to do whatever is necessary to stop the madness.

I no longer count on the general population to do anything but be swayed by the social manipulation tools and tropes playing at 11 on all channels. Very, very many of them, through the delusions, have already decided to DIP – die in place.

My plan is simple, and I urge others to consider it if it makes sense in your situation:

  1. Focus on the next 72 hours: do you have the security/water/food to survive the next 72 hours where you are? If yes, move on. If not, fix that.
  2. The next month: same questions
  3. The next 90 days: are you where you and yours can ride out the dissolution of FUSA over the next 3-5 years? If yes, enjoy the decline. If not, remember Matt Bracken’s formula for what many former Americans will face during the Communist takeover:


Good luck with that.

More tomorrow.

PS: A buddy turned me on to this guy; he is an interesting presenter on “positive” survival/self-reliance. Give him a view:

Reboot Cycle #5

0915E 6JUN2020


As noted yesterday, my working assumption is that the FUSA is in the early stages of Yugoslavian-style disintegration.

Today’s assumption is that you and yours are physically safe where you are, and that you are in the process of detailing and acquiring what you will need to stockpile (most especially including needed prescription medicines) for at least a year.

You do understand that not only will there be little or no meaningful police protection available from the local government, right?

And that there will be the potential for roving looters?

If you don’t, please note this message received last night from a trusted reader:


Trusted source reached out.

Friends of his, 3 letter types, warned that there are plans for “activities” to take place in areas within 60 miles of metro areas. He has noticed activity, possible scouting, in his area. Cars driving without “reason” and turning into dead end roads without a clue. Slowing down if garage doors open.

As info.


Understand that as the situation in FUSA continues to deteriorate, the police will be taking care of their own families. 911 callers are already being told that there are no resources available to assist callers, and that’s in the early stages of this revolution.

H/t to Matt Bracken for this link on the real situation:

You must start to talk with your neighbors about ways to secure your area’s access to only those who live there, today.

And you must start planning for other unpleasant realities.

You are already on your own, in many areas.

Welcome to the new reality.

Tempus fugit.

Reboot Cycle #6

0955E 7JUN2020


“You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end — which you can never afford to lose — with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”

– ADM James Stockdale, USN

Some brutal facts: The Communist enemies have effective control over

  • Conventional Christian hierarchies, both Catholic and Protestant, along with the majority of parishioners
  • Jewish leadership and congregations
  • Global print, video, audio, and internet media – with some exceptions
  • Global medical expertise – with some exceptions
  • Multinational corporations, almost without exception
  • Multinational finance, almost without exception
  • Primary, secondary, undergraduate, and graduate educational institutions, almost without exception
  • Federal and state legislative, judicial, and executive leaders – with some exceptions
  • Federal and state legislative, judicial, and executive staff – with fewer exceptions, and
  • Upwards of 50% of the FUSAn (former USA) population, considered on a national basis.

Note that last phrase: “considered on a national basis”.

You as an individual likely cannot affect very damned much “on a national basis”.

What you can do is to consider the parade of horribles above through the lenses of two mutually-supporting concepts:

  1. Concentric circles, and
  2. Local local local.

More on each of these over the next couple of days.

Meanwhile, use some of your free time today to make yourself more dangerous to the murdering Red bastards.

Confirm zero on your precision rifle.

Do multiple iterations on your pistol draws from concealment.

Practice your tourniquet applications

And download this essential work (sadly, the hardcopy is very expensive, with none of the mark-up going to the authors; see ) for further discussion and study:

Reboot Cycle #7

0815E 8JUN2020


Good news and a request for patience.

WRSA will be back as quickly as possible; it may not have all of the historical material, but there will be as much as we can find.

Thanks are not enough for those readers who have been sending what they had set aside from the old place.

In the meantime, you really do need to buy more ammo and food.

Today, let’s share links for helping each other top off the ammo stores.

In comments, please send both ammo vendors and ammo search engines you have found worthwhile.


Reboot Cycle #8

0845E JUN2020


As noted previously, you as an individual likely cannot affect very damned much “on a national basis”.

What you can do is to consider the current situation through the lenses of two mutually-supporting concepts:

  1. Concentric circles, and
  2. Local local local.

Let’s talk a little today about concentric circles.

Imagine you are the centerpoint of a series of circles.

The first one has a radius of the length of your arms.

The next one has a radius of 7 yards – the distance usually cited for typical handgun fights.

Somewhat arbitrarily, let’s make the next radius 27 yards, or 25 meters; this is the distance used to set your rifle’s initial zero.

100 yards (or 100 meters, for those who think metrically) will be the next.

300 yards (meters) the next.

And 800 yards (meters) the final.

Today’s exercise is for you to

  1. assess the threats (if any) to you and yours within each of those radii; and
  2. assess your current ability to address each of those threats.

No one is coming to save you.

And bad people are coming to rob, hurt, and possibly kill you.

Welcome to the new reality.

The Latest – Reboot Cycle #9

0725E 10JUN2020


Yesterday, we talked about concentric circles.

Today, let’s talk about the practical geographic limits to your immediate concerns as the former USA (a/k/a FUSA) is conquered by the Communists.

A blogger by the name of Bill Nye several years back coined the term “local local local”.

In other words, everyone should be concentrating on what is local to them in terms of threats, allies, resources, tactical positions – everything.

Are there other things going on elsewhere?

You betcha.

Might some of those other things affect you and yours at the centerpoint of your concentric circles?

Hell yes.

But will Bad People and Bad Things within “local local local” distance of you be the much more likely area containing threats requiring your recognition, planning, and destruction?

Also, hell yes.

The hippies used to say: “Act locally, think globally”.

Goethe said: “Let everyone sweep in front of his door, and the whole world will be clean”.

Local local local, right?

What is “local local local” distance, you ask?

How about 5 kilometers/~ 3 miles in radius around where you sleep?


If for nothing else, that 5 klick area is a rational area for you to get to know much, much better.

More on that tomorrow.

No one is coming to save you.

And bad people are coming to rob, hurt, and possibly kill you and yours.

Welcome to the new reality.