From Over The Transom

A reader sends:

…….”Abundance without character is the surest road to ruin” ……..then came to a realization that my own relative “lack of abundance” regarding personal training ammo appears a nudge from God that, aside from zeroing and demoing, I need to be doing a lot less shooting and way more overseeing, coaching, instructing, sharing insights and experience with the trainees.

During today’s train up, I increased the ratio of dry-to-live drills from ~60% to ~ 70-75%. With the intro of inter team verbal commands – as a starting point – various mag changes and IADs dealing with malfs, stationary pivots……plenty of training got accomplished firing very few to no shots.

Their motivation and enthusiasm is encouraging and it’s certainly a blessing that a couple of these guys have had formal training previously. One recent graduate of Thunder Ranch’s Urban rifle class told me the way these ~3-4 hours train ups are organized, we’ve covered enough material in half a day what it takes the major schools several eight hour days to complete.

Yep, a couple of candidates for a senior training cadre.

Thank God this lack of excessive abundance in ammo is serving as a catalyst for creating more efficient instructors and students.