Fundraiser For Dave Lauck


If we asked Dave Lauck who he was he would probably say he is a person too busy for such nonsense questions and be off to whatever he was currently working on.

We decided to listen to what people who have known him the longest have said:

I was most impressed the by the low key, professional, soft spoken, seemingly simple man from ‘out west’. Beneath the unassuming exterior of Dave Lauck is a true genius, inventor, tactician, patriot and warrior. He has led the way in many areas and has made a life of sharing his developments for the benefit of others. This is why military, LE, protective services, and armed citizenry have all sought him out.

                                                                                                         U.S. Army Special Forces

Dave Lauck has trained hundreds of U.S. soldiers going to Iraq and Afghanistan, and they were all better prepared to fight and survive because of Dave’s knowledge and leadership. He gear is great, it is needed, and always, he is years ahead of others. It was Dave Lauck’s vision on training, shooting, and equipping that saved many lives in both Iraq and Afghanistan. We all agree that Dave Lauck’s training would save so many more lives if we could get more soldiers to his programs. All the troops wanted to tell him thanks!

                                                                                   U.S. Army Colonel, Combat Vet, U.S. Senator

I was inspired by the standards of Dave Lauck, he became my most trusted resource for information, I have experienced his generosity in sharing his public safety and life-saving tactics knowledge that all police officers need. I have personally witnessed his generosity to others in our community. He is the most dedicated public servant I have ever met.

                                                                                                                Deputy Sheriff

Dave Lauck is one of the finest officers and trainers that I have observed in my 40+ years in the criminal justice profession….he is a daily example of honesty and integrity…has an unwavering commitment to the truth. Mr. Lauck has defused many potentially violent incidents without endangering the community.

                                                                                                               Attorney / Police Supervisor  

With Dave Lauck, fair and equal treatment for all is assured. He is professional, dedicated and practical. He has advised me on hundreds of occasions, and his expertise is well known in many parts of country. He is the kind of guy I want beside me in the war on terror…honorable and trustworthy.

                                                                                     Detective / Military Security Commander

Dave Lauck’s devotion to duty and willingness to risk his life to save another’s life is admirable. I commend him on his bravery….I hesitate to remind him that he is not equipped to enter into burning structures.

                                                                                       Police Commander

Dave Lauck has an international reputation as a firearms instructor and master gunsmith…he has trained many elite police, military and civilian weaponeers. Calm, confident and focused….a good family man. No one you will want by your side in a gunfight more than Dave Lauck. There is no question of his personal courage, tactical skills and teaching ability.

                                                                        Police Captain

The above comments made by people who know and have worked with Dave Lauck are a mere fraction of the hundreds letters, commendations and notations about Dave Lauck and his performance history.

When it comes to needing emergency assistance, Dave Lauck is the type of person who you hope shows up to assist you in your time of need. However, in a sense it is now Dave Lauck who is calling for assistance.

After 40+ years of specialized training, 27 years of which involved frontline response to police emergencies, he has accrued compounded spinal injuries so severe that major spinal reconstruction, fusion and an internal support structure were required.

Dave Lauck and his wife have provided us with over 50+ years of professional public safety service, yet still lost all medical benefits after separating from their state agencies. A major fundraising effort will be required to help pay incoming medical bills and life expenses.

Dave’s training and equipment has directly and indirectly saved countless lives over the course of his lifetime. We are asking that you dig deep and help us give back to a man that has devoted his life’s mission to protecting and serving those who Protect and Serve. Any and all donations are graciously welcomed and appreciated.

100% of the donations made will go directly to Dave Lauck and his loving wife Bernadette to cover medical and cost of living expenses.

More of Dave Lauck’s background can be seen at