Aesop: Lies, Damned Lies, And Statistics

The WuFlu exists.

It can be bad – like deadly bad – if you get it.

At his institution’s peak, a trusted bro of mine had three reefers filled with stiffs in the parking lot with no place to go.

My ex-wife – classified by her attending MD as a “medical train wreck” – has it as I type these words.

Aesop is an experienced medical professional and should be respected as such.

All of that being said, the WuFlu risk to the general population is being used by the Communists and their (in some cases, well-meaning) allies to suppress the economy and the freedom of not only the American people, but peoples across Western Civilization.

Be prudent.

Wash your hands.

Avoid sick people.

Take your Vitamin D.

But know that you are being played in pursuit of the globalists’ Great Reset.

Plan accordingly.

Biden Stooge: Lockdown A Go Go 2021

I, for one, welcome our new SCIPO (science police) and POLPO (political police) overlords enforcing the nationwide lockdown, who may also use the resulting lack of witnesses to…ahem…”address” previously-targeted science-denying Badthinkers quietly in their own homes.

Better get used to…ahem…”addressing” menopausal scolds, soybean-testicled gammas, and other Bolsheviks in your AO pretty damned skippy, eh?

Tempus fugit.

Pay no attention to the declining hospitalization rate and the small climb in death rate; JUST LOOK AT ALL OF THE ‘CASES’ (that come from testing for political, not medical, purposes). #BetterTyrannyThroughPoliticalMedicine

You Have Been Warned

These people plan to take everything – everything – from you.

In exchange, they may allow you to live.

In utter submission.

Until you must be exterminated in furtherance of their Satanic plans.

In the absence of orders, find something Communist/Globalist.

And destroy it.