Three From AP for the quote of Election Day 2020:

“…The people who supported Trump are not going away and the concomitant violence that will begin after January is nothing but a giant recruiting campaign for the right. If Joe Normie is to be radicalized, he must lose faith in the current system. Whoever wins, tonight will be instrumental in that realization. In a sane world, we would be having an Article 5 convention, and not an election tonight. We are not because our leaders have failed us, and for that they are in part responsible for what is quickly becoming an inevitability…” with details at the post for tonight’s chat, running from 1900-2100 est.

See you there.

Luttwak: How Trump Survives A Coup

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You’d best have confidence targets selected from the Communist assets in your area, along with major and minor HVTs.

The Reds have them.

Black flag.