Briggs: The Humiliation Of Equality

Plus a bonus “Quote Of The Era”:

“…The [Army] lowered standards of physical fitness for females because, obviously, they couldn’t keep up with men (the top standards for women are at the bottom, or lower, than the bottom standards for men). Yet if you buy the “equal pay for equal work” argument made by equalitarians, it follows Army females should be paid less, and far less, than men, since they can’t do the same jobs. Bring this up…”

Quote Of The Year/RTWT

“…How powerfully ironic that the Chinese will never even need worry about stopping that “fully-armed Marine regiment” of Chesty’s in the first place. Neither will it be necessary to send a single PLA soldier here for invasion, conquest, and colonization purposes. Thanks to the FUSA’s having sat back limply as its internal enemies slit its throat, the ChiComs already own the banana republic lock, stock, and barrel anyway, without ever mussing a single dink grunt’s hair…”

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