WuFlu: The Opening Act Of The Permanent Global Crisis


Pay attention to the language.

“New normal”.

“We’re all in this together.”

“Heroes work here – if by ‘heroes’, you mean the people who are going along with the financial fraud based on dubious C-19 diagnoses and causes of death.”

“Wait ’til the vaccine.”


Quote Of The Month

…There is another darker side of the legacy of John Lewis. Selma and the surrounding region never really ceased to be a place where people live and work after 1965. It just ceased to matter in anything but the symbolic sense to the elite media. After John Lewis left town, the cameras left, the marching stopped and civil rights legislation was signed into law, the people who lived in Selma and the Alabama Black Belt had to go on living under the new order. Black majority rule came to “Historic Selma.” History moved on and in the 55 years that have elapsed since “Bloody Sunday” the practical result has been that Selma has become the poorest city in Alabama and the ninth poorest city in the entire United States