Urban Gangs And The Coming Bloodbath



You are either a member of a bad-ass gang with political juice.

Or a victim of a bad-ass gang with political juice.

No other options.

Rwanda, multiplied times the former Yugoslavia.

On steroids.

PS: You really do need to obtain and implement the info in these books.

The final exam will suck enough, even with skills, provisions, and enough genuinely tough folks:

Quote Of The Decade

The only way to control a substantial population is to murder enough that the rest are terrified into submission. But it isn’t really the control that’s the objective, it’s the murder. At root, murder stems from a grotesque hatred of one’s self, which animates a craven fear of anything and everything, particularly death, and paradoxically, a psychotic desire to kill one’s self and every other value. Only by understanding our enemies do we have any chance of defeating them.

– Robert Gore, “No Lives Matter”, at:



From A Reader


The materials on “color revolution” your readership may REALLY consider pay a lot more attention to is linked within this email. While many sit and are complacent, polishing toys, the larger picture needs to be understood. The street brawls and rando violence America is seeing is a deliberate distraction from the deeper game.

https://www.revolver.news/2020/09/transition-integrity-project-is-this-soros-linked-group-plotting-a-color-revolution-against-president-trump/ (interestingly, this article never mentions Gene Sharp, the color revolution architect and originator of the concept)


Much like an earlier generation had Saul Alinsky, people need to be reading through this YESTERDAY:
https://www.aeinstein.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/FDTD.pdf (Gene Sharps’ major work)

This email is intended to provoke thought and a larger understanding of just what is going on. Those with 2 brain cells to rub together and who are willing to lift their sight a bit will see what is going on. Anyone can sit down and read through the ideas of centers of gravity and critical vulnerabilities, and understand that the street theater performers are establishment throwaways.


I am not advocating for people to sit and gaze into their navels forever, nor am I advocating anything other than gaining understanding (while people still can). That understanding may allow people to make more intelligent choices or at least grok WTF is going on.


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