Phase I, North American Conflict: Quote Of Note

There is an old Soviet joke.  “Pravda” is the Russian word for “truth” and there is was also a newspaper in Soviet times called Izvestiya which is the Russian word for “information.” The joke was:  “There is no truth in Izvestiya and there is no information in Pravda.” These publications were instruments of the Soviet state, reporting lies and propaganda to the people of the country so they could be better controlled and managed, like sheep.


Crazee Switch To 11, Stat!

JJ over at AP reminds everyone that once the Communist bastards have full control, they will be surrounded from the inside by Americans.

But he also drops this truth bomb for the ages:

“…If all we can do is get together at a state capital and pick up trash then maybe we deserve the orange jumpsuits and fun train rides in the future.”


From Over The Transom

Even the mainstream folks are starting to wake up.

And this push by the BLM to “tear down peoples churches” is not going to calm things down, that’s for sure.

I think you must be tired of saying it, but that’s because it bears repeating:

You do not have enough trained, equipped, hard hearted friends.