Op Brief & SITREP

From over the transom:


     I was heartened by how quickly the last meme made it to post.  However, this short email is entirely different.  In looking at a number of antifa/BLM group actions, they all seem to be fanatics of cameras.  Those cameras are a force multiplier for them, and they have significant personnel devoted to that task.
     A question that I cannot yet answer is, “what is the alternate task these “camerapersons” have?  If their role is hindered, what do they do?
     Now, consider the following:
     This will come to pass.  Camera lenses also exhibit what is known as “retroreflectivity”, where a laser beam will bounce back to the source if it hits a lens.  This is used in some devices to find lenses (items like this https://tplogic.com/beam-85/ )
     Torrey Pines Logic is/was run by a guy who (full disclosure) I met at the rough onset of GWOT.  His stuff then seemed to largely be Russian gear in a nicer case. 
     Consider as well that these antifa/BLM ruckuses are propaganda events above all else.  The propaganda needs to be seen to be effective.  A potential counter is to employ smoke or other technical means of optical interference.  Something like https://store.enolagaye.com/us/p/eg18-high-output-smoke-grenades/?attribute_pa_color=black&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIof2O5-uH6gIVCTiGCh15FQEnEAQYASABEgI4NPD_BwETake a look at their “cloud size guide” for indications of magnitude.  See also  https://store.enolagaye.com/p/mil-x-smoke-grenade/  and  https://store.enolagaye.com/p/sd75/  for possible civilian available means to be able to “break contact”.
     A potential counter for aggressive cameras is either “silly string” or gel shave cream sprayed onto a hand held camera.  Both are pretty harmless, the gel shave cream is probably easier to keep at hand with no questions.  Spray cooking oil would do nicely as well.  I suppose saline fluid thrown on a phone also would not be too awful.

Side note- since PD can readily get all the cell phone data (DRTBOXES) of who was there, why the has PD not used that to roll up the entire organization?  THAT is a very interesting question.  That data will reveal who was there, who they call/are called by.  Police perhaps are the foil to the main actor, a dupe.

     ——————————- TEAR LINE ———————————————–

     It is my assessment that the rioters and insurrectionists will continue their activities to generate operational & readiness fatigue in metro police forces.  They seem to be succeeding at that task.
     They will likely use the symbolic nature of the 4th of July to pull an all-out “Tet offensive”, and the rest of the summer will be consolidation of gains and opportunistic pushes out to select suburbs.
     Parties unknown (who fit the selected insurrectionist profile & MO) have already been seen scouting my own suburban enclave, 3 MUY (hat tip, Bracken) in a small SUV, 2 in front, MUY in back filming, driving slowly.  They did not seem to be trying to be low key.  All that was missing was bass music and the smell of weed.