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  1. Fighting is wrong. Can’t we all just get along?
    I have a rainbow coexist sticker on my Prius, please don’t hurt me.
    There is a Michael Jordan poster in my mancave and the NFL is the best ever.
    My gear are Birkenstocks, Apple ImaxiPad and a sailfawn.

    1. the ranks are made-up of old fat “need my meds” cucks and “law-abiding, i have a family, a mortgage, a bad back, a drs. note” murkins who will huff n puff and then huff and puff some more until they do the Hogfart or O.R. exit routine

      tfA-t knows the score and removed himself from the kill zone- you should do the same ASAP

  2. American Partisan does a good job showing what to wear, and the various scenarios for wearing it. I want to emphasize what he said about being comfortable. If your gear is so uncomfortable it distracts you on your mission, or makes you not want to wear it, fix it. I make my gear so comfortable that after I sweat it up, and do some humping under load, I forget I’m even wearing it. Or walking around on a patrol, or perimeter check, or people check. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in that gear, for a good reason. You’ll need to be used to wearing it a lot because when you need a drink of water, or a mag change, you can’t be going back to where you dropped your heavy. And if you’re being watched out on patrol, they’ll see you don’t have it on, and attack. BTW, you’ll always have your rifle or pistol on you, ja? SOP for my people is you must have your rifle or pistol on you at all times, +2 mags for it. Poop time, pee time, eat time, social time, whatever. Get yer gear right.

    1. “American Partisan does a good job showing what to wear, and the various scenarios for wearing it.”
      Showing whom? For what scenarios?
      Keep dreaming, you potbellied geriatric.

  3. ugh, then Covid showed the rightwing is light on food and PT. by week number 3, In my 99% rightwing area they were all ready talking hoarders. meanwhile they have $800.oo bino’s, 6k dirt bikes, and 40k Dodges.. I came to realize I will have to shoot thru more trump flag wav’n rightwingers before any commies or inner city thug gets within 30 miles. the hoarders like me are the new Kulaks. you will be called commie even thou you voted R and L for many election cycles. best get your head squared.

    1. I’m out in the mtn’s of Wyoming and you described my AO to a T.
      Blind flag waving NRA/Repubs who are clueless to anything going on in the world except what FauxNews doles out to them evey night. Can’t think for themselves and what they actually know or own (they all rent their small fortunes from the bank, monthly) wouldn’t fill an Altoids tin.
      Slaves to the U.S. Corp./FedResBank and proud of it.
      I don’t hate the USA, greatest place I’ve seen out of 30 countries I’ve been to, I just hate brainwashed stupid. And it seems we have more than our share of that.

    2. Hear hear. The right wing tards are the reason we are in this mess. All their flags and stickers arent doing shit. Neither are their copsucking ways either. But dont tell them that. Just to clear them out is gonna burn a lot of a fellers ammo before the real work starts

  4. At this point if you don’t already have this stuff squared away you are below your future pay grade. Sean is right. If your gear ain’t right you’ll not wear it, and you’ll become a liability, then fodder. Put your battle rattle on and go mow the yard. Do a 1 mile stroll through the woods. Climb ladders, trees, run-dodge-jump, see if your gear kills you. Better to find out at home than out on the front line.

    I have several rigs, depending on the mission, and my long range everything pack is the same Alice med. I carried in the alps 1974-77. I modified it in the 80’s with beefier shoulder straps and hip pads, and I don’t use the metal frame. That way, it conforms to my shape, which is a little more now than it was back then. I have a variety of “module” pouches that I stack in the alice. FAK, Food, Water, Clothes, poncho, ammo, etc. Other than ammo, I only load the pouches required for the mission, plus ammo. Always ammo, whether I use it or not. Carrying the weight is good training. My alice is capable of carrying a lot but rarely do I load it to the brim as it’s not necessary. Again, mission bound. Define the mission, then determine the need.

    1. Pretty much ditto. I roll the large and the medium bags. You can do a lot with lightweight, waterproof bags or containers inside of them. Break it down for the mission or load it all up and go. I still have the original duffle bag with backpack straps and you can bring stupid amounts of gear in them. I thought to have attachments sewn into the side for other pouches at one time but didn’t. Might revisit that.

  5. Getting yourself some real cool (expensive) stuff is great but doesnt help if you are working with a group of guys who can’t. While all the latest stuff facilitates some things, (mag changes, deploying TQ’s, carrying radios, bullet proof plates, accessing grenades, etc) my limited experience on the two way range has shown me that, anything that carries bullets and some basic support items, works well enough. I dont have, CAS, CASEVAC, frags, or a desire to engage in CQB. If I can help it, I’m not facing armour, air, or indirect fire. In short, I have long ways to go and a short time to get there, and I need people along with me to accomplish anything. Bulk or group buys of good enough works better than elite outfits for a few.
    Alice, PLCE, early Molle, whatever, as long as it carries enough mags, water, a snack and a digging tool for as many people as you can muster. Quantity is a quality all its own.

  6. I’m not preparing for WWIII, just what I need to make it in the wild around my area. It works for me and it would work just as well if the predators were 2-legged and not 4-legged.
    I like to use a battle belt combined with a Fox gear buttpack. It’s airsoft-grade, but it’s a vast improvement over the old ALICE buttpack and it’s held up well over time for me. It’s got 1 top pocket and 3 large side pockets, a waterproof admin pouch under the top flap, and 1 large main pocket inside. The side pouches hold food, 1st aid, and an H2O filter. I can fit a variety of stuff in the main pocket, including a nesting water bottle and steel cup, spare socks, etc. I added H-suspenders. Front of the belt has a holster and mag pouch. It’s light and comfortable and easy to adjust to the situation with lots of PALs real estate for other items.

    I always take it when I go hiking or camping or pretty much anywhere outside, even if I’m just going out to have a fire at the pit. I keep a pocket bellows in the top pocket that is invaluable for lighting a fire fast. If I’m going farther, I also carry a light 3day pack with additional water, shelter, clothes, etc.

    It didn’t seem so necessary when I was going out on the east coast, but where I live now in the west, I don’t feel like humans are necessarily secure at the top of the food chain and the weather can change radically in no time.

  7. All my gear was destroyed in a kiln accident back in 1978.

  8. I dropped my gear in the woods and couldn’t find it to pick it up.

    1. On a rainy day, I hung up my ruck, full of stuff, on a tree stump. Over that, I hung my stone-grey-green Frogg Toggs rain jacket. I very carefully noted where it was, then walked another mile to see a cabin that had been recently built (illegally by some kids, but they did a good job!) Taking another route back, cuz that’s how it’s done, I had to hunt for a good twenty minutes to find my stuff.

  9. A time, and a place, to be lookin all GI Joe, here on the mountain, it’s casual wear stay cool, stay calm, stay alive. Not going to happen looking all GI Joe, stand out like real posers.

    I’m amused daily by the tan pants, the polo shirts with some mil reference, and the ball cap pulled down low, with the nylon tac belt. O Yea, some sort of Tan boots. forgot the Oakleys, in black, wrapped around.

    They stand out like a bill board, but then that’s what they want, to be noticed. Dumb fuckers.

    I’ve got all the above from years of purchases, honestly that garbage won’t hold a candle to,the newer tech, mountaineering gear. Especially back packs.

    Over the years of many 50 milers and 100 milers, we have learned the value of a medium sized pack, which is packed well.

    It is human nature to stuff shit into every pocket on the big packs, often useless poggy bait. Pack smart, understand your needs. We routinely use to pack at 32 pounds, on extended trips.

    Not everybody must carry pots pans, kit should be staggered within the group. One high end water filters, everybody carries a life straw or smaller water device.

    I’m 63 now, Recently had three discs removed and replaced, two fusions and a titanium six screw plate put in on the front of my spine,,upper neck area. Not to mention other artificial parts, like hips, etc etc.

    50 lbs is about my max, anymore. And that hurts!.

    If you,don’t mind,,it doesn’t matter. Point being yes I,could carry 90/100 pounds, for 10 miles, but I’d be useless in a fight at the end of that March.

    Men MUST understand their limitations.


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