Reboot Cycle #4

0915E 4JUN2020


My working assumption is that the FUSA is in the early stages of destruction a la Yugoslavia 30 years ago. May I be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

For those not familiar with that parade of horrors, here are a few references:

An acquaintance of mine described it this way:

“People have no idea how quickly things can change. One day, I am living in a beautiful European city, famous for hundreds of years for its history and hospitality. I am making ~$6000USD/month, surrounded by beautiful women – the Northern European flight attendants would come there to get sun and vacation. A month later, there is no food, no money, no water, and everybody is killing each other. You have no idea.”

The Reds are serious.

Normal Americans are not.


If they do in fact retain the ability to do whatever is necessary to stop the madness.

I no longer count on the general population to do anything but be swayed by the social manipulation tools and tropes playing at 11 on all channels. Very, very many of them, through the delusions, have already decided to DIP – die in place.

My plan is simple, and I urge others to consider it if it makes sense in your situation:

  1. Focus on the next 72 hours: do you have the security/water/food to survive the next 72 hours where you are? If yes, move on. If not, fix that.
  2. The next month: same questions
  3. The next 90 days: are you where you and yours can ride out the dissolution of FUSA over the next 3-5 years? If yes, enjoy the decline. If not, remember Matt Bracken’s formula for what many former Americans will face during the Communist takeover:


Good luck with that.

More tomorrow.

PS: A buddy turned me on to this guy; he is an interesting presenter on “positive” survival/self-reliance. Give him a view: