18 thoughts on “NC Scout: On The Mossy Oak Militia”

  1. Uncanny. I have a mossy oak wifebeater on while jamming Mudcrutch I Don’t Scare Easy.
    Welcome to Costco, I love you.

  2. right…take a good look at the volunteer fire department’s personal shortages across the nation. if Jimbo local can’t help their community in good times, you think their going to do it in bad times! bullshit. these mossy oak militias will be the ones you will have to put down. they will come to rape your dog and kill your wife, most likely they will be fly’n a trump banner, a southern battle flag banner, or a Gadsden banner. Anti socialist coming to take your stuff by force for the good of their community. Alanis Morrissette should right a song about that…..

    1. Yup, these are the same folks that enabled the fall of the fUSA. Country boys listening to country rap, dressing like fuk’n porch monkeys, all tatted and beer gutted at 25 yrs old. And same IQ as their ghetto brothers.
      Except these guys drive big pickup trucks, so they’re good to go.

    2. agreed

      the militia types are mostly wannabe cosplayers

      add some booze, meth, and a hit of crack…

      the country bumpkins i have seen are worse than antifa

      just targets to move thru…

  3. me thinks zip zip is right. so is t-fat. most murikans are useless. look around you and see how many idiots are wearing masks. ought to give you a rough idee of how much support you will have.

    1. God help me, ANOTHER m4 withOUT backup sights. Who is training these retards! They need their asses stomped into a cat food can. Piss poor. This is simply umexceptable.


  4. any fool who has a wife and/or children can be counted OUT as trustworthy

    debt/job slaves ditto…

    they CAN be counted on to turn you in as soon as the heat is brought on them

    believe what tfA-t says


    1. I got laid off yrs ago by a good friend, he thought my tax resistance was going to get him jailed. I explained my tax returns were none of his business and vice versa, he paid his taxes quarterly and was obedient to a T. The bookkeeper told him I was a liability, so he canned me.
      So much for friends.

  5. OK, CA, you we’re right to cancel comments.

    Five of the typical useless, off topic, carping, doomspeak, defeatist, self congratulating bullshit comments ever, right off the top.

    Why do you assholes bother? Nobody else listening to you either?

    What is it with you? Dick measuring to see who can be the most hate filled, bitter sumbitch on the planet? I don’t know who hates America and Americans most, you assholes or blamtifa.

    You’re all about as dangerous and useless as they are.

    Lone wolves die too… they just die ALONE.

    1. go pray to your useless god

      and then have faith in your nieghbors

      tell us how that works out for ya

      loser old timer

  6. DMV GRINGO says:
    June 30, 2020 at 18:17

    The new and escalating tactic of the globohomo street mutts blocking POV’s:



    And last night, at riot central in Atlanta:

    8-Year-Old Girl Shot and Killed by Armed Protesters Blocking Street Near Atlanta Wendy’s Where Rayshard Brooks Was Killed
    July 5, 2020 at 2:52pm


  7. “Don’t underestimate what you and a couple of buds can do in your AO.

    Now is top-off time: trustworthy personnel, fuel/lubricants, food, meds, spare gear.

    Most importantly, you need to stand up your intel function.”

    Exactly right.

  8. There must be multiple trolls working the (t-fat)account.

    Sometimes it’s just all hate.
    Sometimes it’s all crazy.
    Sometimes it’s steel on target!

    Will the real tfA-t please stand up!

    1. tfA-t is well-rounded in the basics


      it’s what winners are made of

      losers kneel and pray to make-believe spirit gods who can do nada…

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