3 thoughts on “Herschel: Progressives + BLM + Police + Guns = Problems”

  1. ” The police are there to protect the criminals from the otherwise peaceable men and women, not the peaceable from the criminals.

    The worry for progressives is that this abates one day soon, and the police turn their backs on the rioters. ”

    and i suppose the scumpig cops think they can just go back to being the ‘good guys” again and no one will remember what lowlife mercenaries there are?

    the cops are the enemy of everyone- EVERYONE

    they WILL be held accountable and hung for TREASON- do you get that Dickboi?

    you are your “law n order”(ya right) brethren are hated treasonous piles of statist shit- not the other way around ewe sour puddle of cum

    all of you lowlifes who support the regime and it’s policies both ‘Foreign and Domestic’ are to be hung till dead by those you have oppressed

    tfA-t is the true “De oppresso liber” and not the propagandized cartoon green snot company flunkies

  2. BLM and Antifa will be the new police as part of the Fundamental Transformation.
    Reparations, procurement of supplies, liquidating of deplorable enemies, fun time with the wymyn will be their mission.

    1. as long as they take “good”care of the wymin

      tfA-t approves this message

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