9 thoughts on “Earl Sends”

  1. only total buffoons vote for the next rotten fuck who promises to rape and shit on you

    voting does nothing but legitimize the corruption, graft, and the ongoing failure that is called duhmockcrazy

    just kill everyone who votes and you will have a better world


    tfA-t has spoken with clarity and reason

    1. Tee, guess what,,,,,,,,,, I’m voting,,,,,, and I’ll bet you will never guess who for????

      Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump!.

      Aaaa you get the picture.

      Tee you ever read Turner Diaries? Your one of those mother fuckers WE hang from the light pole out front of your crib. Your nothing but scum, tee. Ain’t no salvation for your warped soul!.

      1. LOOSER copscum

        we? you better bring help punk ass old timer

        maybe the rascal squadron will swarm the compound- HA!

        dry up and blow away FOOL

        you kind are going to be hung by their balls and then beaten until you wish you were dead- but not quite 🙂

        1. Ahhh, my sides sending an army of one. Me! Don’t wait up for me, I’ll be their when I have time to take the trash out. Just another tourist, wanting to sample your world class boiled chicken, with 4.00 delivery, a marketing genius,,,, Gump!.

          Your a pussy, a chump, a chickenshit, a fucking looser. Your a Marxist, everything you have ever said here on WRSA proves me correct. Read your own rhetoric, your own testimonials.

          I’ve suspected it for years, just punked you pushed you, knowing your ego would out you,,,, as the communist Marxist you are.

          Your locked in dumbshit. Ain’t no explaining it to anybody, well maybe Sal Alinsky or Pluard/ Clieven, might buy your shuck and jive.

          So tee don’t go away mad, just go the fuck away, go to a site that welcomes your leftist agenda. Will buy into,your dog and pony show.

          That your here tainting these fine folks these men and women with your line of horse shit, is pathetic!.

          While your packing take your ass buddy Sairese, or what ever the fuck that looser goes by. Talk about group thing, circle jerks. Oooo tee your the best, yea tee, you tollll them. Another pathetic piece of Marxist shit. Couldn’t help but notice his arrival date.

          In that NEW crew of propaganda shills.

          Tic Toc.

          Big D
          Lil irk!

  2. …the next rotten [expletive] who promises to rape and shit on you

    ^– The t-Fag doctrine in a nutshell.

    t-Fag has spoken with Marxist clarity and Marxist reason


  3. Don’t worry tee tee with the small pee pee, your uncle MAO, is proud of your communist Marxist piece of shit,,, ass. Says “baby duck eggs” for you, after you’ve prayed to the east over your GOATS HEAD alter, enough times.

    Maybe a bit more chicken blood on the alter will ease your suffering!.

    Do us all a favor, choke on a chicken bone from one of your tastie boiled chickens specialties, nummy nummy in your tummy!.

    O yea, baby duck eggs, is that what your using for your diaper rash these days?

    Your OL PAL, DIRT!.

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