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  1. “MEDEVAC crews. They are nicknamed DUSTOFF in Afghanistan”

    Army MEDEVAC ‘ships’ and crews (as a whole) have been known as DUSTOFF since the Vietnam War: Major Llyod Spencer coined and first used the call sign “Dustoff” in 1963.

    DMV GRINGO (91B – 68W)

    1. I was combat arms for 7 yrs (VietNam era 1972-76 and 80-83), USMC called it MedEvac.

      What we see is just another way of re-naming the same thing every generation, lets folks think they invented something new. What makes a MedEvac different from a CasEvac?
      I’ve had 18 yr olds lecture me on backpacking gear too, they really believe they invented the sport.

  2. Great nations do not succumb through lost wars, but rather through racial decay and the destruction of their internal order.

    Adolf Hitler

    1. Being on the correct side of a war, and LOSING it, also has a lot to do with national destruction.

    2. There is no medicine in a gun fight. A TCCC class is not a bad plan, after the shooting is done.

      And who is going to send a chopper for the local Fudd that gets shot?

  3. comms and medvacs are a non-starter

    like team shitstain has built their electronic battlespace capablities to accommodate freedom

    this is going to be deep in the mud and long on hunger, pain, and death…

    if you’ve never lived in the field for extended periods- you have no bidniz trying to tag along with real fighters who have

    normies, trads, and cucks are but sandbags and liabilities to men who are willing to do hard terrible unspeakable things- things that average folks won’t or can’t do

    1. Look everybody, Colonel Cluck came out of the coop from choking his chicken and has delivered his wonderful words of wisdom to all us dirt folks. All hail t- fuk the righteous all knowing rat boy!!!

      That is all continue with your day.

      1. you won’t be around to talk shit afterwards LOSER

        tfA-t on OTOH will be in charge of things when the dust settles

        now go lay down and lick your tiny balls

    2. tfA-t,
      re: the normies

      You know what it is too?
      These guys are bound by morality, they think they have high morals to pass judgement on us for thinking outside the box, and being socially unacceptable. Look at Bonehead, he even puts down the other Catholics, they’re not at his high level. They want everyone to act like they do, and those that don’t irritate them so they have to call us names for not being ‘normies’. I’ll bet they all live in HOA’s too. Constantly harping at their substandard neighbors.
      A bunch of morally superior cucked fuk’n housewives.

    3. Mostly agree with this.
      Hard is “not” picking up Starbucks this day.
      Truly hard is 100% alert, constantly carrying weight and still being hungry and thirsty.
      And dirty.
      How many get a bird bath?
      Or living in cold weather, 24/7 ?

      This learning curve will be very steep.
      But some will rise, some always do.
      And they will stand the post.

  4. Italian soldier, talking on radio during training, Grosseto, Italy,
    18 June 2014

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