9 thoughts on “Bracken Sends”

  1. Not that people everywhere aren’t sick and tired of all this. But Eugene is liberal enough to be called Antifa’s summer cottage. It ain’t all that bold a move on their part.
    Good to see them getting bolder though. The overreach could be epic.

  2. ‘Food is a weapon that can work for or against all factions.’

    HA HA

    the murkins are so morbidly obese they could live off their fat stores for over a year


    run a wick down their skull, set them on fire, and i bet they burn longer than candle wax 🙂

    anywho, they are NOT going hungry like this story tries to paint
    and they can always eat their youngest crotch dropping or yappy dogs


    vote DRUMPF! 2020

  3. It is to the point, we as Americans come together and do something about these communists and piece of shit politicians, or we all need to shut up. We ALL have said, we’re gonna, need to, when the time comes, not on my watch, etc. And we haven’t done jack shit. AND “THEY” ARE LAUGHING AT US WHILE THEY RAPE OUR WALLETS AND SHIT ON OUR RIGHTS.

    1. blah blah blah

      i didn’t hear you mention anything about who enables and protects ” these communists and piece of shit politicians”


  4. Eugene, is NOT a conservative area, just the opposite, a bastion of Marxism, socialism.

    I’ve done a lot of training with those people, a fuckimg soup sandwich, every time.


    1. You might read the article more carefully next time. Springfield is a suburb of Eugene and split off from it a long time ago. It is the conservative area mentioned not Eugene.

  5. And this from one of the “Hostile Elite” parasites from ‘Mordor on the Potomac’
    about the reality of antifa, whether in Portland or anywhere else for that matter….

    Jerry Nadler Says Antifa Violence in Portland Isn’t Real, Just A Myth

    Has Jerry been ghostwriting for ‘Creeper Joe’?…..

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

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